Shipping and return policies for Retro City Rampage

Shipping Info
$9.99 shipping vinyl worldwide! $5 shipping CDs worldwide.
4-6 weeks standard shipping international(40% off original price)
2-3 weeks USA (35% savings)
1-2 weeks Canada (35% savings, including taxes)!

Please note that the Canada Post "tracking number" sent by PayPal is quite confusing since it isn't actually a tracking number. It is only a receipt for when I paid for the postage. It doesn't indicate when the package was sent, where it is or if it was delivered at all. Unfortunately international tracking shipping is very expensive and we have decided to save on shipping costs by supplying this nature of shipping. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form.
Return Policy
We do our best to ensure that your vinyl is shipped safely but once it is shipped it cannot be returned, sorry!